10 Quick Steps to Job Ads that Work


The importance of a properly crafted job ad, be it for a post with recruitment agencies or direct employers, is something that can’t be over emphasized. Whether you’re targeting college seniors looking for part time jobs for students, middle managers, or senior executives, you need to make sure you get your ad read by the right people. This means crafting your ad well and ensuring it will appeal to target candidates using both desktop computers and mobile devices.

With these in mind, we at jobsDB are sharing with you a 10-step guide that will help you determine if your job ad will more likely get the response from the right candidates.

1. Give bite size chunks

  • Present your information in easy-to-digest fashion
  • Avoid lengthy paragraphs
  • Keep sentences and bullets reasonably short

2. Allow for adequate white space

  • Give the ad “breathing room”
  • Avoid heavy-looking fonts
  • Place ample space between subheadings

3. Give concise details

  • Use bullet points instead of complete sentences
  • Make the job description details complete but brief

4. Use full stops

  • Properly punctuate all sentences and bullets

5. Make use of punchy words    

  • Describe the job and your company with words like “dynamic,” “frontline,” “passionate,” and “leader”
  • Avoid long unwieldy words like “conglomeration” and “amalgamation”

6. Write succinct bullets

  • State qualifications, benefits package and application information as briefly as possible
  • Craft bullets in phrase form rather than sentence form

7. Give interesting content

  • Describe the job as a challenge rather than just another job
  • Emphasize your company’s uniqueness
  • Give information about your company’s culture

8. Keep the language simple

  • Avoid specialized jargon
  • Don’t use flowery language

9. Involve and empower the reader

  • Start sentences with words like “Lead,” “Manage,” “Propel,” or “Develop”
  • Pose challenges like “Do you have what it takes to manage a market leading brand?”

10. Make the application process easy

  • Provide a link for resume submission. 
  • Give complete contact information.

Getting the response from the right candidates is critical to the success of your ad. To help increase your chances of success, keep this 10-step guide and use it as your reference when you craft your next ad.

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Source: Kathryn Decker (photo)

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