10 Questions to Answer Before You Hire

10 Questions to Ask


The hiring process is a complex one – it can be very time consuming yet yields little results. Finding a star candidate isn’t easy, and getting a bad hire can cost your company massive amounts of resources. In addition to that, your boss is breathing down your back to hire someone to fill the job position as soon as possible. You’re under tremendous pressure but you’re unclear of the steps to take.

Before you jump right into it, understand that the hiring process isn’t just about posting a job ad and waiting for candidates to send in their resumes. No, it starts way before that.

To get the most effective results, it is important that you know the exact scope of the role in order to express it perfectly to potential candidates. Here are 10 questions that will help you outline the planning process before you hire:

 1. What is your reason for hiring?

Why is your company looking to hire now? Why this particular role? Is it to fill a gap in the team or because the business is expanding?

2. What is this new role meant for?

What is the new hire meant to achieve in the workplace? In other words, what would the basic key performance indicators (KPIs) of the new hire be?

3. Who will weigh in on the decision of whom to hire?

Who is involved in the hiring team and what roles do they play in the process? Who will be leading it? Who will be the ones conducting the interviews?

4. What are the responsibilities of the role?

What are the key responsibilities of the new hire? Are they all feasible? Are they related to your answer to question #1?

5. What will the job title be?

Does the job title convey the position and responsibilities clearly? If it is a senior or managerial position, does the title portray that?

6. What qualifications does the new hire need?

What background, skills and expertise are you looking for in the new hire? Are they sufficiently relevant to the responsibilities listed in question #4?

7. Who will the new hire report to?

Will the new hire have one direct person to report to? How will he or she be measured in terms of success and a great fit for the company?

8. How much are you willing to pay the new hire?

What does your company think is a good figure to pay the new hire? How much more are they willing to pay to pull the right candidate in?

9. Where are you planning to post the job?

How much is your company willing to spend on job ads? Where will you post this job? How often are you going to do it?

10. What is the timeline?

When do you launch the job advertisement? When will you stop taking applications? When are you planning to conduct the interviews? When do you need the new hire to start? 


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