10 Career Tips to Read Before You Start Your Career


Except for a rare handful, most job seekers fresh out of university would find themselves confused and anxious of this new phase of their lives. As part of the millennial generation, you might feel that there is a disparity between what you’ll have to face versus what your parents have gone through. Parents know best, but do they know the working world of today?

Fret not. We asked 20-somethings – the people who until recently were in the position you are now – about career tips they’ve picked up since. Trust us, this will come in useful.


“Follow your heart and find a job that will make you happy. The money will follow. Remember though, happiness is also a state of mind.” – Anastacia Zakaria, 25, Customer Support Representative


“If you don’t know what you want to do, ask yourself what you enjoy doing or what you’re good at doing. Go for it. If it doesn’t turn out to be what you want, take it in your stride. What you learnt will come in handy some way or another in the future.” – Alberto Baruelo, 24, Trade & PR Marketing Executive


 “Do your research about the company before accepting the job. If you know someone who works or worked there, ask them if they’re happy. It’s a huge warning sign if people want to leave their jobs there.” – Jayce Liang, 26, Marketing Executive


“Your first pay is important, but you have to be realistic about it as well. Learn to negotiate. It is a handy skill to have.” – Nissa, 28, Web Designer


“If you feel like you’re unprepared for the working world, know that everyone at one moment of their lives have felt the same way. It shouldn’t mean you should sell yourself short. Have confidence in yourself.” – Pang Jian Lang, 25, Sales Representative


“Learning the work is one thing. Your attitude towards it is another. If you’re going to go to work every day hating your job, you’re not going to make the best out of your time there.” – Pim Lai, 27, Senior Copywriter


“Learn how to stand up for yourself. Never let your colleagues or boss walk all over you because you’re the newbie. But always be respectful.” – Tian Zhiyuan, 29, PR Executive


“Dress for the job role you want down the road, not how you feel like that day. Nobody’s going to promote you when you’re sloppily dressed. Put yourself as top of mind on your boss’ mind if ever an opening comes up by dressing the part.” – Tan Pei Jin, 25, Senior Marketing Executive


“Don’t approach your manager when faced with a problem. Go to them with solutions. This doesn’t mean that there’s anything wrong with asking questions. Whenever you’re unsure, ask!” – Hafiz, 28, Investigation Officer


“It’s okay to make mistakes. The beginning of your career is the best time to learn. Realise that the people around you are very willing to teach you the ropes.” – Cheryl Lim, 25, Senior IT Consultant


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