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Job Hunting Tips

How to Ace an Interview for a Hospitality Job

So you've landed yourself an interview for a job in hospitality that you've always wanted. How do you boost your chances of being selected for the job? View this guide to impress your interviewer!

IKEA: "Come be Yourself with Us"

In a business world mired in complications, complexity, and confusing configurations, it's refreshing to find a globally successful company that has thrived on simplicity. Getting to know them is like carrying on a casual conversation with a new friend. There's no high-sounding jargon, no talk of market shares or objectives. It's this same simplicity that has made Ikea a highly desirable employer for the modern, forward-thinking jobseeker.

Tips For Getting A Part-Time Job

If you're searching to supplement your income while wanting more flexibility than a full-time job, part-time work can be a viable option for you. Learn useful tips in this article to grab hold of part-time job opportunities.

Tips to Excel in Your F&B Job

There is already plenty to do in a fast-paced food and beverage job, so how do you excel at work? From being proactive during training to being able to memorise orders really well, read on to find out how to be an ace in F&B.

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