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The new and improved jobsDB Mobile App. Helping you do more in less time.

Your mobile job search experience has just hit a new high. Whether you’re actively searching for a new job, waiting for a great opportunity, or keeping an eye out for a possible job shift, you’ll find that the new jobsDB Mobile App will address your needs and give you a much improved on-the-go job search experience.

See what’s in store for you when you download our new app:

auto-suggest keywords

Auto-Suggest Keywords

Enjoy the convenience of search prediction based on your most recent searches and existing jobs ads.

swipe to navigate ads

Swipe to Navigate Ads

Just swipe to view the next job ad – more ads can be viewed in less time!

job alert on mobile

Job Alerts on Mobile

Create Job Alerts on the go and get the jobs you like sent to you directly.

advanced search

Advanced Search

Search jobs by Industry, Employment type and Career level.

saved jobs

Saved Jobs

Save the ads you like so you can view them later, on your mobile device or your desktop computer, even when you’re offline.

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Auto-suggest Keywords

Get helpful suggestions when you type in the search field.

The less time you spend typing keywords, the faster you’ll find the ones that matter. Our Auto-Suggest Keyword feature saves you time by giving you possible results based on the first letters you type, your most recent searches, and currently available jobs. Simply tap on the suggestion that matches what you’re looking for, and you’ll be taken straight to the results page.

  • Quicker access to relevant jobs
  • One-tap access to the results page
auto-suggest keywords

swipe to navigate ads

Swipe to Navigate Ads

Scroll from one ad to the next with finger-swipe ease.

Free yourself from the hassle of going back and forth between the results page and the next ad in the list. Once you’ve opened an ad (by tapping on the item in the results page), viewing the other ads is a simple matter of swiping left to see the next ad or right to see the previous ad.

  • Simple user interface
  • Quick, easy and convenient navigation through ads
  • More ads can be viewed in less time

Create Job Alerts on Mobile

Get notified on jobs which you can access whenever and wherever you want.

Finding a job is good. The job finding you is better. Create Job Alerts, and get new job ads that match your interests sent directly to you. You’ll always be updated on new job openings.

  • Timely notifications on your email inbox or mobile device
  • Customisable frequency – you decide if you want daily or weekly alerts
  • Job ad relevance – you’ll only get alerts on jobs that interest you
create job alerts on mobile

Saved Jobs

Save the ads you like and view them later, even offline.

What better way to get easy access to the jobs that interest you whenever and wherever you want, than by saving them on your mobile device? You can save ads by simply tapping the icon next to the ads in the results page. Not just that, you can access your saved ads even when you’re offline, and view them on either your mobile or your desktop computer.

  • Save a job to be viewed later, both on desktop and mobile
  • Quick, offline access to saved ads
saved jobs

All app functions

Discover all the functions in our app in detail and how they help you in your job search.


Introduction Screen

New easy-to-read tutorial screens introduce and guide users through the key features of the app.

Feedback Form

Job seekers can utilise a convenient feedback form on the app to give feedback.

Countries and Language

Selection of countries and language are now merged into one selection list.

Job Search

Auto-suggest Keywords

Facilitates the input of keywords into the search bar that are from the user’s most recent search and from job ads that currently exist in the database.

Advanced Search

Search jobs by Industry, Employment Type and Career Level to find the jobs that are specific to their needs.

Search Results Page

Users can view company logos, a 3-point job summary and also save individual jobs on the search results page.

Job Alerts

Users can subscribe to new Job Alerts from the app. This service sends the latest jobs that fit their search criteria to their email at daily or weekly intervals.

Job Application

Job Ad Detail

The full job title, company name and information, location and job benefits are shown. A new feature to the app: users can view the company logo and customised job ad of brandedAD+ employers.*

Swipe to Navigate Job Ads

Navigate to the next or previous jobs just by swiping the screen.

Saved Jobs

Save Jobs and Download Jobs are integrated into one seamless feature that facilitates the saving of jobs while on the go.

Recent Activity

Shows users the jobs they recently viewed and saved. This function also lists the number of new jobs that match the user’s Job Alert criteria and displays news provided by jobsDB.

Resume & Cover Letter

Users can preview their resume and cover letter right from the app, assisting job seekers in applying for jobs on mobile quickly and easily.

Registration & Login

Users can register for a jobsDB account via the app, making their job search experience truly mobile. The “Keep me logged in” function which is checked by default enables users to enjoy jobsDB services continuously within 7 days without re-logging in so that they can enjoy a better personalised experience.

“Email Me a Copy” Option

User can cc himself when sending out an application by tapping on the “Email me a copy of my application” checkbox.

jobsdb mobile app

Additional information


 12 September 2014


 6.8MB (Android), 8.3MB (iOS)



Current Version:


Android Requirements:

 Android 2.3 and up

iOS Requirements:

 iOS 5.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimised for iPhone 5.

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