A better way to hire

We all know timing matters in hiring. To expand the reach of your job ads, jobsDB offers you Integrated Sourcing: Job Ads + Talent Search. With Talent Search, you can directly engage candidates who fit your requirements and at the same time, interested to work for your company.

Here are some key steps to help you get started:

Ad Posting
Step 1
1 Login to Recruitment Centre
2 Job Ads Tab
3 Post a new job ad now
Step 2
Write or paste your job ad content
Fill in all sections to help candidates understand the opportunity
Step 3
Promote your job ad
on jobsDB.com
Step 4
Preview and check
You can save your job posting as a draft, send it to others to vet and modify.
Step 5
Checkout to deduct credits and post your job ad
See more job posting details here.
Connecting with Talents
1 Login to Recruitment Centre
2 Job Ads Tab
Step 2
Search candidate profiles
by Job Title,
Employer Name,
Skills or other filters
Step 3
Reach the potential candidates by clicking Send Job Ad or Buy profile
See more details here.
These approaches will allow you to have a more efficient hiring process. With Integrated Sourcing by your side, hiring is faster and easier.
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