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3 hiring solutions strategically packaged in one deal!

  1. Post job ads that are seen 24/7
  2. Go branded at half the price
    brandedAD+ allows you to get noticed and build candidate confidence to apply by showcasing your branding on all your job ads at half the original cost!
  3. 2X Talent Search coins
    Get more relevant candidate matches by searching for suitable profiles in our database.

brandedAD+ Local Job Posting

No. of
Job Ads





2 months
Usual 1 month

250 + 250

UP: $204.00


3 months

500 + 500

UP: $301.20

Go full force

# Based on Research Ink November 2015 survey on “Where or how did you get your recent job?”
* Each Job Ad is for one vacant position only. Coins are granted to advertiser in accordance with their job ad packages and can be used in Talent Search to connect with candidates. Advertisers can retrieve resumes via the “Buy Profile” function or send an opportunity to a candidate via “Send Job”.
Additional coins are on a limited offer basis for the month of February.
Usual brandedAD+ is originally chargeable at 20% of package prize.

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