Compliance to MOM regulations

Dear Valued Client,

As part of jobsDB’s efforts to deliver exceptional service to our clients, we would like to provide a gentle reminder about the Ministry of Manpower’s (MOM) mandatory requirements for all job recruitment agencies to include several particulars outlined below in all forms of advertisement and written documents partaken of.

According to Section 4 of the Employment Agency License Conditions (“EA Conditions”), the following conditions are mandatory:

  1. The licensee shall insert the name and license number of his employment agency in all forms of advertisements and written documents undertaken by his employment agency.

  2. The licensee shall insert the employment agency personnel name and registration number in all forms of written documents where that employment agency personnel was involved in.

To summarise, the following details are required to be listed in your job ad:

  • Your Employment Agency name
  • Your EA license Number
  • Employment Agency personnel name posting the job ad
  • Registration number of personnel posting the job ad

More than just complying with government mandate, the inclusion of your EA License Number in your ads will positively affect both you and your candidates.

Your update will:

  • Promote transparency and ensure your legitimacy as a recruitment agency.
  • Increase candidate confidence with your posted ads to further help you with your job ad update, here is a sample job ad that is aligned with MOM’s requirements.

EA License number reminder

Should you have enquiries, you may reach our [email protected] at
(65) 6861 1000.

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