How to process your candidates

Hiring a candidate doesn’t just stop after posting an ad. It’s about screening through thousands of applications and still making your recruitment experience a whole lot efficient.


Review the application and profile of a specific group of applicants by using the filter function. You can filter applications based on criteria like Candidate Source, Latest Job Function, Nationality, and a lot more.


Shortlist / Not Suitable

There is no need to manually process candidates as all the features you need are already on Recruitment Centre. By tagging your candidates under ‘Shortlist’ or ‘Not Suitable’ their application is removed under ‘Unprocessed’.

Shortlist/Not Suitable
Did you know?

Did you know?
When you ‘Shortlist’ your candidate, their application status will be changed to ‘Viewed’, providing them the acknowledgment that their application has been received and read without raising their hopes.

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