Happiness is Having Colleagues as Friends

Fact: we spend most of our days at work. Survey found that employed persons between the ages of 20 and 69 spend a staggering amount of time at work.

When it comes to workplaces, there are two types of people: those who come in, do their work, keep to themselves and then leave, and those who realise they spend more time at work than anywhere else, and decide it’s worth turning colleagues into good friends.

For those who fall in the latter category, good news: fostering strong friendships in the workplace is better for our health, and leads to higher level of happiness in the office.

  • You’ll be happier: If you make good friends, reports say they have the potential to increase happiness at work as much as earning $100,000 more a year.
  • You’ll always have someone (or something) to look forward to: Depending on your line of work, or whether you’re going through a bit of a challenging work phase, having good friends at the office will give you more motivation to get out of bed when you really don’t feel like it.
  • You’ll be more engaged with your work: 75% employees who have best friends at work show much more engagement with their work – seven times more as compared to people who don’t have a best friend.
  • You’ll be more open to collaboration: Our brains are quick to judge whether we deem someone a ‘friend’ or ‘foe’. You could have two people saying the same thing to you, buy you’re more likely to take onboard what your ‘friend’ says. “In the workplace, this means if you see other people as ‘foe’ you’re more likely to misinterpret their intent, which in turns leads to distrust, disagreement and unproductive competitive behaviour,” Michelle Gibbings, an expert and author in organisational complexity, writes.
  • You’ll have someone who understand your work challenges: We all have grievances with work from time to time – when you try to tell friends outside of work, they need more context, and may even have a hard time empathising. With a work friend, you’re speaking the same language and ‘get’ each other.
  • You’ll have someone to split shipping cost with: This is an added bonus and helps your bank account more than your health, but hey, it still counts. And if you ever need to make an impulsive online shopping decision, who better than your work bestie to give their approval? It takes them five seconds to walk to your desk.

Workplaces that convert their employees’ untenable ties into durable bonds shared by fast friends will have cultures and communities that are alive and generative – in one word, thriving. As denizens of these communities, we will be doing something even more powerful than bringing our lives and souls with us to work: We will be sharing them with friends.

Be grateful, for work without friends is as plain as white bread. Now that we’ve got you feeling grateful for your office besties, take the opportunity by writing them a small card on 30th July, International Friendship Day. In this technological era, nothing is as touching as a handwritten card. The feeling when you run your fingertips along the mini ridges raised by your pen, is unexplainable. Show them you care with a personalised Friendship Day card by MAMAHAND.



MAMAHAND is a partnership between two friends who believe in spreading love and good designs on occasions. Our designs are mainly monochromatic and minimalistic, this allows our customers to add a personal touch and something extra to the card. Either by colouring, drawing or writing to make the card unique and special before gifting it to your loved ones.