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Make your First Impression the Best One at a Job Interview

Ace your Interview

First impressions,. as much as we would like to think that they don’t really matter, but they do - especially in job interviews. ... more

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Convert your Job Interviews into Job Offers

Ace your Interview

How to nail the job interview and get yourself the job offer ... more


Eliminate Anxiety during Job Interview

Ace your Interview

When you get the invitation to that long-awaited interview, you will be excited about it. However, you realise the excitement doesn’t last long. For some reason, fear creeps up to you as the interview date draws nearer. It is common to feel this way, even for experienced candidates, as every interview is unique and you ... more


Happy Workers Versus Unhappy Workers

Workplace Survival Kit

We break down the data of our survey and find some interesting information. The largest percentage, 39%, of unhappy workers are aged 31 to 40 years old! Find out which work area has the highest percentage of happy workers too! ... more


Are men or women happier in the workplace?

Workplace Survival Kit

Only 12% of women and 23% of men feels happy in their workplace. Are you surprised by the percentage of happy men and women? If you are not, you might be one of them standing on the other side of the percentage. Check out what are in the Top 5 Wishlist for working men and ... more


Are Singaporeans happy in the workplace?

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Always complaining about work? Well, guess you are not the only one. We did a survey to find out how happy are Singaporeans with their jobs and what are the factors contributing to their work happiness.  Read on to find out whether they are similar to factors that affect you! This article is either written ... more


3 Areas That Could Tell You More About A Candidate

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Get to know the candidates better through this approach. ... more