jobsDB Awarded for Best Recruitment Innovation

jobsDB Highlights

jobsDB wins Best Recruitment Innovation (Bronze) in the recently held Asia Recruitment Awards on April 13, 2016 hosted by Human Resources. It is the only regional awards programme in Asia that recognizes HR excellence solely judged by Senior HR practitioners.


How to Resign in Style


Quitting. You’re probably thinking about it right now. But how do you plan on doing it? Most people give the standard one month notice in writing But a few employees have found unique ways to do just that.


Stop missing out on great opportunities. Update your profile now!

Job Hunters

Did you know that the market behavior has changed? Hirers are turning to proactive search for suitable candidates through jobsDB Talent Search function.


Dress for Success: A Quick Guide on What to Wear on Your Interview

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You want to impress your interviewer with your resume, personality and ability to take on the job. But before you even get to sit down, they've already started forming an opinion from your dressing.


Tips to Pass Along: Dealing with Office Drama

Employer Zone

A huge chunk of our lives is typically spent at work. Things may not always be smooth, and at times it may become crazy in the work place. Know more on how to deal with these situations.


Identified: 5 Reasons Why Employees Quit

Employer Zone

The issue of attrition is nothing new. Why do employees quit? Read on what are the most common reasons people throw in the towel and quit.


3 Things You Should and Shouldn’t Do for a Happier 2016

Work-Life Balance

We may not know what 2016 brings but one thing is for sure, if you want to be happy, it’s time to start working towards it.


Are You Ready for a Career Change This 2016?

Job Hunting Strategies

To help you decide whether 2016 is the right time for a career change, we’ve compiled some key signs for you to consider before making any moves.