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How To Make Your Social Media Profile Job Search-Ready

Job Hunting Strategies

Other than visiting online job portals and looking through the classified ads, social media sites are slowly becoming an effective job search tool. It’s important to make your social media profile job search-ready by cleaning up your social media footprint. This article offers five useful tips to help manage and keep your social media profile ... more


How to Really Set Your Resolution for 2015

Work Management

The problem with resolutions is you usually set too many for yourself. Try a new approach, focus on one resolution for 2015. ... more



Banking & Finance

A part of the DBS Group, POSB is the largest local bank in Singapore with more than 3.5 million customers. Having served generations of Singaporeans for the past 131 years, it is known as the “People’s Bank”, and prides itself in being “neighbours first, bankers second”. ... more


Dressing Right for your Job Interview

Ace your Interview

The moment the company receptionist, admin assistant, or HR Manager sees you as you walk in for your job interview, you make a first impression through your appearance. Clothes make the man (or woman), as they say. And in the case of the job interview, your attire can make a big difference in your chances ... more


Getting a job vs doing the job

Job Hunting Strategies

There’s Not Just Big Fish in the Ocean: Taking Up a Job at a SME  You’re fresh out of school. You’re full of hope. The world is your theme park and it’s time to choose which ride to jump on; time to turn those dreams into reality. Then the question comes: who do you want ... more


Hire the Right People, and Reap the Benefits

Employee Retention

A company’s best asset: People. This may be one of the oldest clichés in the world of business, but it remains unshakably true. What you need to know to hire only the best people to man the ship. ... more


Five Questions To Ask Yourself When Planning Your Career

Job Hunting Strategies

“If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life” With Asia showing strong signs of economic recovery, there is no better time to start a job search than today, emerging and existing workforces are full of opportunities waiting to happen. Before you embark on your journey to find your dream ... more


The Jobseeker’s Guide to Boosting Confidence

Job Hunting Strategies

It’s perfectly normal to feel some nervousness as you go about your job hunting. The key is not to let doubts and fears undermine your confidence. You have to adopt the attitude that you’re out to make a significant contribution to a company. ... more